Mandy, ‘Joe Jonas Is Sweet And Genuine’


Mandy Van Duyne blog about Joe Jonas: Hello internet world! I always get tons of questions from people about my experiences in high school. The thing that is most commonly asked about is my high school relationship..

..more specifically my relationship with Joe. Well I’ve been given the chance to answer some of those questions for you right here! If you want to know my opinion on high school and my own personal experiences.. keep on reading :)

Did you ever get into a serious relationship in high school? My first boyfriend was Joe Jonas. To me he was the boy I had a secret crush on since the age of 7, not the heartthrob Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. He was my best friend, he always made me laugh and was the person I trusted with all my secrets.

People always ask me what kind of a boyfriend was Joe, the answer is very simple. He was and is such a sweet and genuine person. He always made me laugh and brought a smile to my face. Most high school relationships end disastrously, but ours didn’t.

We both realized that as much as we loved each other, we were better off as friends. I was in high school and he was touring and his career was just starting to take off, he needed a friend more than a girlfriend. We didn’t want to ever loose the friendship that we had.

What is your advice on how to handle the pressure of relationships that high school sets on kids these days?

I’ve said many times that high school is filled with so many pressures. The best advice that I can give is to just be you! If you are dating someone or want to impress your crush, just remember not to change who YOU are. The right person wants to be with you for who you really are, not who you think they want you to be.

I think the most important thing to remember whether if you are in high school or not, is that you shouldn’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you don’t want to do. Stick to what you believe in and surround yourself with people that won’t pressure you into situations that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Do you remember your first high school crush? Celebrity crush?

I had the biggest crush on Joe from the age of 7 to the age of 16. So not only was he my first high school boyfriend, he was also my first high school crush!

My first celebrity crush was Nick Carter!! My walls were COVERED with Backstreet Boys posters and I knew every word to every single song! I was convinced that I was going to marry him! Haha Honestly, I still have some hope that I will one day be Mrs. Nick Carter :p

If you could choose any current celebrity to have been your prom date who would it be?

If I could pick a celebrity that would have been my prom date, I would pick Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, or Liam Hemsworth. The 3 most gorgeous human beings on the face of the planet

What is one funny memory from a date or a relationship that stands out to you still?

After Joe and I dated, I dated this very handsome, charming guy. Our first date that he planned was sooo romantic. He showed up at my house with a dozen roses in a limo and we went into the city for dinner. Sounds perfect right? Well, I left out one important event, the poor guy got so car sick he threw up in the limo the entire evening. I felt so bad. We ended up dating for a year (with no more limo rides) and I always love reminding him about it!

  • Anonymous

    Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:53 am
    Anonymous said:

    Mandy was awesome but Joe’s best girlfriend is still Amelia or Ashley.

    maybe Amelia but Trashley???? she cheated on Joe with R. Pattinson, Jared Followill and other actor. Trashley Greene never loved Joe.

  • Anonymous

    But like why is she STILL talking about joe. They dated YEARS ago…is she looking for attention. Or is she trying to find some way to remain relevant?? She’s sweet but really?

  • Anonymous

    Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:35 am
    Anonymous said:
    But like why is she STILL talking about joe. They dated YEARS ago…is she looking for attention. Or is she trying to find some way to remain relevant?? She’s sweet but really?
    I think she’s still friends with him.

  • Anonymous

    Mandy was awesome but Joe’s best girlfriend is still Amelia or Ashley.

  • bel0592

    Mandy is the BEST EVER! She’s very sweet and this interview happens because the website ask her about their relationship, she’s not trying to winning fame, she has her own life.
    The funny part of this its that nobody remember that Mandy dated Mikey Deleasa (Joe’s bestfriend) a few years a go hahaha. I don’t know what happened with them, they’re were so cute togheter. But the true its that Mandy was the first and one of the bestest Joe’s girlfriends ever. She’s so sweet and down to earth.

  • JoeHoe15

    Young love. <3

  • patriciaofficial1997

    I’m Curious if they still talk!!!

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  • Clark Hill

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  • Jinxx.

    she’s actually not saying too much, she was actually pretty brief.
    it’s not like she breached Joe’s privacy by going “oh, and this one time we were dating, joe gave me the address to his secret hide out. HERE IT IS!”

    lmao. she just said she had a crush on him for a long time, he was sweet, and they were better off as friends. it was fine to me.

  • Anonymous

    She had a crush on Joe since she was 7 and ended up dating him when they were 16. Niceeee

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  • Anonymous

    Yet another fame whore

  • Anonymous

    Aww how cute. After this didnt joe become a serial dater? I wonder what would have happened if they sticked together??? She seems like a ginuely sweet and nice person.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, for some strange reason I never wanted to know about this.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if the girl says something nice about the Jonas boys before they were famous; somehow it bothers me that she has an entire blog dedicated to talking about her experiences with Joe jonas…. trust no bitch

    this is why the boys can’t trust anyone!

  • Anonymous

    AWWWW SO ADORABLE <3 i remember one time on team jonas we stalked mandy and found her facebook and i tried adding her….she never accepted. hmm i cant imagine why…

  • Katie

    I’ve always thought Mandy was sweet but I do think she should keep her relationship with Joe private. =/

  • ety

    Mandy. Long time no see

  • Anonymous

    Methinks she isn’t over him…

  • Anonymous

    Joe wrote a song for her! Called Mandy!

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