The Vampire Diaries Elena As A Vampire


Nina Dobrev told TV Guide: ‘She doesn’t want to eat people, so she’s hungry, and moody.’ And despite the best efforts of her vampire protectors Stefan and Damon, ‘we’re going to worry about her a bit, warns the executive producer.

  • Anonymous

    Elana becoming a vampire ruins the show for me. And I just want her with damon already. She had her thing with Stephan, he broke her heart, and now she has this love for damon that she never knew she had. Seriously can they just be together bc I’m over the whole Stephan and elana thing.

  • vampiregirl

    They’ll find a cure, they always do..

  • SlimShady

    Tbh Plec has ruined VD. Its now become a weird sex fantasy involving the love triangle and Klaus. We’re not supposed to want the main character to go away, but Elena is damn annoying. We need more Bamon, Forwood action.

  • ceeeral

    delena is most likly not going to happen because the main 2 plec and kevin are all about stelena.. and how their love is epic.. but it’s not! the vampire diaries is about elena finding her feelings for damon; it’s all about delena, but they probably won’t let that happen. which sucks!

  • SlimShady

    The book series is definitely not all about Delena, its Elena falling inlove with both Stefan and Damon. LJ Smith atleast kept the thing about all the people, not just dumbass Elena, Plec is ruining it, Kevin is no longer involved.

  • ceeeral

    even lj smith said, it’s about elena falling in love with damon.. yes i know there are other characters but stefan, damon and elena are the main three.