Little Mix appeared on Styled To Rock and challenged designers to make them outfits that reflect their individual style for a photo shoot. In the show, aspiring fashion designers compete for the chance to make an outfit for Rihanna, which the singer will wear for a headline set at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park.

Each week, the contestants design attire for different music stars who pick their favourite, and whoever fails to impress faces elimination by the show’s mentors, designer Henry Holland, Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts and Rihanna’s personal stylist Lysa Cooper. Jade Thirlwall told Sugarscape:

‘We were invited in to Rihanna’s Styled To Rock which is kinda like the X Factor but for stylists. It reminded us of X Factor really and I felt really bad having to tell one team that it was a no. I imagine for them, like,

For us when we were told no it was like the world had ended because it was our dream to do this, so for them being a stylist is their dream and getting told no is devastating. Having to watch their faces when we said no was really hard to do.’

  • Flottciz
  • Anonymous

    I like their style. Very cute outfits!

  • Anonymous

    well they could certainly use any help they can get on their clothes considering they generally look terrible.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Styled to Rock in the 90’s! :P

  • Anonymous

    Haha that one picture where they all look like they hate what they are wearing!! but a lot of the outfits looked really cool!!

  • Anonymous

    That one with Perrie in the yellow skirt is really pretty. I love the shoes. I wanna watch that episode

  • BrokenArrow

    I think their outfits are really cool

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people like their style in the UK. I don’t think it looks bad

  • Anonymous

    so they can go from bad to worse

  • Anonymous

    lol idk why i just hate the girl with the red hair (the one on the right next to the blonde)

  • Anonymous

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