Zayn Asked Perrie To Come Over At Night


X Factor judge Tulisa told 4Music’s The Crush about Zayn and Perrie: ‘I was involved in that from the start. I was the first person that she came to and was like ‘Zayn’s, you know..’ so I was like ‘RIGHT, this is what you need to do, don’t text him back, wait!’

Zayn started sending Perrie messages asking for a late-night rendezvous: ‘She was like, ‘He’s asked me to come round his house,’ and I was like ‘What time is it? NO. No. It’s too late!’

  • Anonymous

    So they started out with him making booty calls. How romantic. At least she was smart enough not to jump at that too quick or the wrong way.

  • Vakwoula
  • Anonymous

    Awwww Tulisa and her little muffins!!! :) she was such a good mentor

  • RobertpattinsonLOVER

    Ok,why does Perry look like an old lady ? grandma

  • Anonymous

    LOL she said it was too late lmbo

  • Anonymous

    PerrIE not Y come on people they spelled her name in the title it’s really not that hard

  • Anonymous

    I love them :)