Chery Lloyd With Ur Love US Non-Rap


Cher Lloyd on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ at Rockefeller Center. PR.

  • BrokenArrow

    i like ittt

  • Anonymous

    anyone who listened to Cher on Xfactor, and before all of these new versions of her songs came out, can truly see how this industry has changed her.. she used to be completely different. I personally liked this song with the rap better feat. Mike Posner. I still support everything Cher does, and I’m so proud of her for making it big over here in the US, but its just sad to see her changing, because I thought the old Cher was original and new, but now shes just turning into another average cookie cutter pop star.

  • Anonymous

    her legs, i’m jealous.

  • Anonymous

    who is she?

  • Anonymous

    She’s cool

  • Annabelle

    haven’t listen to the song, but i love Cher in general