Demi Lovato Hot Chelle Rae Tour Photo


‘Give Ur Heart A Break’ is #1 on Pop Radio Charts. Thx Mia!

  • skittlesqueen11

    You deserve everything and more! Love you Demi <33

  • Anonymous

    Give your heart a break is GREAT!! Go Demi !!

  • EvanescenceDemon

    She looks cute :)

  • EvanescenceDemon

    Congratz on hitting #1 on the radio :)

  • ness

    Demi totally deserves this. Great singer with an undeniable stage presence!

  • Anonymous

    her shirt resumes it all…

  • Anonymous

    so proud of my demi she deserves it so much such an inspiration

  • Anonymousjen

    so proud of her love u demi

  • Anonymous

    ‘Give Ur Heart A Break’ SUCKS!

  • Anonymous

    This picture is very unflattering to her and when I seen the charts the only thing I thought was WTF lights is still slaying the charts by ellie goulding? It came out like 2 years ago congrats to demi too

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