The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Promos


Via. When The Vampire Diaries returns on October 11, Elena will presumably in the middle of her transformation, as Stefan, Damon and the others struggle to come to grips with the fact that she is now a vampire.

Will she transition smoothly and without giving into her lust for human blood and killing someone? Or will Damon get his way, and Elena will embrace the side of her which is more similar to Katherine than she’d like to admit?

  • Anonymous

    They’re really fabulous!!
    Can’t wait for season 4..and of course for Delena..

  • joejonassmile

    I used to love this show but the tringle love is getting boring and now that I watched Fringe I can say forever best TV Show is Fringe …
    and I only keep on watching TVD For Joseph Morgan as Kluas because the only interesting part left for me is him

  • ceeeral

    i just wanna see delena.

  • Anonymous

    when does season 3 come out on netflix?!?!

  • year3000

    so excited for season 4!!!
    i love you Stefan <3

  • Anonymous

    This is really the best show ever, but Elena you need to pick Damon!