Taylor Swift Bringing Conor To VMAs?


Taylor Swift’s romance with Conor Kennedy reportedly interested Alec Baldwin and he was overheard asking about the pair’s romance. Alec asked Ethel Kennedy ”how her grandson was doing with his new girlfriend”. According to New York Post, source added: ‘Ethel laughed.. she and Rory both seem to really like Taylor.’ Taylor is reportedly planning to take Conor to the event at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, where she is to debut a new song from her forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Red’. A source recently said: ‘Conor probably won’t walk the red carpet, but he’ll be there to support her performance at the show!’

Taylor: ‘You get really nervous. It’s a mixture of all these emotions of excitement of nerves of planning, of making sure that you have enough rehearsal time, know all your blocking.. ’cause the thing about the VMAs is, the people that help put together the performances are honestly some of the best people you have ever worked with and they put together these huge, vast, massively entertaining performances and you have to make sure that you are ready to go onstage and face the entire world of music fans that are watching that show.’

‘Do not mess this up everything will come crashing down if you mess it up,’ It’s a little more intense and the voice is a little meaner, but that’s basically what happens. I get nervous, really, really, really nervous. Because I think that there’s a point where you feel like ‘OK, this is pretty close to cruise control; we’re on the stage, I’m walking, my legs are working right, it’s fine .You’re not shaking, you’re great, everything’s cool.’

Like, you can get yourself there mentally, but I definitely get nervous before I go on especially if it’s like an awards show that’s huge and important like the VMAs.”2012 VMA performer Taylor Swift has written about love on all her albums, from her 2006 self-titled debut to her brand-new album Red, due out October 22. And all of her album titles have spoken to her current status with the emotion.

Well, in terms of my album, it kind of signifies the intense, really bold emotions you feel when you’re in kind of mad love. And I think that all of the songs on the album are written about those kinds of experiences that I’ve had.. I think in terms of, in general, red is just a bold, brave color. I love red lipstick. I love red dresses. I love red shoes. I love a red stage, that’s what we’re sitting on right now,” she explained. “Red is the theme of the moment.

Each song stands on its own musically, sonically and emotionally too. It’s kind of a patchwork quilt of all these different styles that have influenced me in one way or another. There’s a song called ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and it sounds, as a song, emotionally the way the emotion felt to feel it. It’s really intense and I’m so excited for people to hear it because it’s about [when] you meet someone and you just know ‘Oh, you’re bad. Why am I walking towards you anyway?”

There are 16 songs on the album and every single one of them is about some sort of intense emotion that I felt. Even if it’s something like ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ which is the moment you finally stop caring what your ex thinks about you. Those are all really important moments in the course of a relationship, even though there’s nothing else on the record really quite like ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’

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    Idk if I like them together. Anyway, she looks pretty with brown hair. She should try dying it for a while.

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    I still can’t believe she’s dating a Kennedy…

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    I mean come on! YOU’RE A KENNEDY! He could completley upgrade..