Zayn Malik Shirtless Twitter PICTURE


LA is definitely one of my favorite places to stay love this place :) x

Harry posted a pic of wetsuits, Bieby posted about 1D.

Have you see One Direction recently? Cher Lloyd: I have not seen in a long time, but when I go around my fans are always talking about them, that’s great. The only thing I have to say about One Direction is that I feel like they will have a long and successful career. Do you have a favorite member of the band? No, I see them as brothers and it’s so nice to see their progress in so little time.

  • NiallWhereIsMyNando’s

    Zayn only posted that picture because a girl said she’d send him nudes.

  • chaneloutletcc8
  • Anonymous

    Zayn has been posting shirtless pic ever since i could remember, i think even before he was famous.

  • Anonymous

    It’s written incorrectly.

  • Anonymous

    ” The only thing I have to say about One Direction is that I feel I have a long and successful career. ” I wonder if that’s written correctly, it sounds like she’s implying that she’ll last and they won’t but I don’t think she would say that, it would be a bad idea

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    Zayn = SEX GOD!!!

  • oceanUP

    fixed the quote!!

    omg you think that joe looks pakistani?????

  • Anonymous

    Joe Jonas’ long lost brother

  • Anonymous

    this kid is so attention whore like justine

  • kristin6410

    Such an attention whore just like justin ewww omg LOOL JK JK :love:

  • Anonymous

    Zayn is amaZayn love him :)