One Direction Practice Win Lose @ VMAs


One Direction have DEFENDED Prince Harry for being nude in a hotel room in Las Vegas with girls of questionable intent: Louis: ‘I think he’s actually such a strong figure, because he’s real.’ Zayn: ‘The downside of being Prince Harry is having to be aware of people’s opinions.’ As Liam said ‘Being a role model.’

Niall: ‘He’s a 20-odd year-old guy doing what he wants.’ Liam: ‘A lot of people would have gone away on holiday and whatever, it doesn’t matter for them. For him, it matters.’ Harry on their new dolls: ‘It’s just so surreal to see yourself in a plastic box. When we first got to see them, it was so like it was great for us [but] it was a bit strange.’ + FULL TWITCAM above!