Selena Gomez Case Mate Commercial + Selena And Vanessa Arriving Toronto Pix


+ beautiful promos! + flawless Sel receiving French pickles! Selena Gomez, Vanesas Hudgens & Austin Butler arriving at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival. Photos: INF.

  • HottyWoman

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  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful but they edited her way too much. She looks like a Sims character

  • undebyunfalay

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  • Anonymous

    they photoshoped her nicely she looks g8

  • justthat

    beautiful<3 the commercial looks fun;)

  • sexonfire11

    she looks amazing
    Glad that 4 the first time she is not using her own songs like all her commercials and movie trailers :P

  • Selena237

    She’s flawless!<3333333 :O

  • Anonymous

    This is so cute: Selena is a woman now. She need a real man. She deserve better than that fucking kid bieber

  • Anonymous

    Dam they edited the shit out of her face

  • Anonymous

    Her eyes, skin… basically everything is edited


    She look gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    sel holding into vanessa’s boyfriend back to lead her out.. hmm better turn around and get slap a girl vanessa. even on the boat ride, sel was standing all up with her shorts taking pictures right in front of him and he was checking her out.

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa’s lapdog is getting annoying

  • BrokenArrow

    She looks cute.