Logan Lerman told BACKSTAGE about acting instead of going to college: ‘I had this moment where I realized that I didn’t care where I ended up. I didn’t care if I was that guy who never went to college. If I failed as an actor, I would embrace it.. I figured I’d do this big fantasy studio film and commit to the contract I have

with them and start trying to do other films as well. I just decided to fully go for it. I know that studios look at actors and see dollar signs. So it really opened doors in terms of being able to read more scripts and help get things made that I was passionate about.’

When ‘Perks’ writer-director Stephen Chbosky first met with Lerman, he wasn’t picturing him as Charlie. ‘When I met with Steve he said, ‘I see you more as Patrick,’ And I said, ‘I really like that role, but I’m more interested in Charlie.’ Chbosky, ‘Right away, it was clear. Within 15 seconds I said to myself, ‘I’ve found Charlie.’ After his audition, I never held another, because he was perfect.’

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    Logan Lerman is a gorgeous Jewish boy.

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