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VF FEATURE: What is it about the Smiths that makes the melancholic 80s band something of a Bat Signal for cultured and cute vintage-wearing dream girls? In writer-director Stephen Chbosky’s new

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a wonderful film based on Chbosky’s own novel, the pixieish, Smiths-adoring love interest, Sam, is played by Emma Watson, in her first significant post-Hermione role. Sam’s suitor, Charlie, is played by Logan Lerman.

Perhaps inevitably, he is a clinically depressed introvert who befriends Sam and her punky stepbrother, Patrick, the inestimable Ezra Miller, at a high-school football game. Charlie and Sam soon reveal their shared love of British

glum-pop, including the Smiths’ ‘Asleep,’ which is ironic, or appropriate, because the film details how Charlie finally wakes up thanks to Sam’s tender, nonjudgmental companionship. The metaphor is not as heavy-handed as it sounds.

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    Logan Lerman is the hottest Jewish boy ever.

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    Next to the words “classy” and “sophisticated” and “awesome” are pics of Emma Watson :)

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