Taylor Siwft, Robert Pattinson and more attended the Stand Up Cancer event held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on September 7. Taylor has started her grueling work schedule and boyfriend Conor Kennedy is back in high school at Deerfield Academy on the east coast, they are being forced to live their lives apart, reports People.

She’ll get one day of rest before heading to the Canadian Country Music Awards, followed by a trip on Sept. 13 to Rio de Janeiro, where she’ll perform at Citibank Hall. Taylor already has requests from Kennedy’s schoolmates to make an appearance on his campus. Friend: ‘We have a Friday night concert thing, one is in late fall. People want her to come sing.’

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    awww she’s crying

  • Anonymous

    honestly, though, as of now it seems as if I don’t even know Taylor anymore. Like, I remember back in ’09 or even ’10 when she had her style with her curls and her country-style songs where everybody liked. As of today, it’s like she’s a complete different person. Besides the now-straight hair, pop-style music and (much younger!) boyfriend, it’s like she’s just not…her. I respect her so much and I’m not hating on anyone, I’m just stating my opinion (so before you say anything about it, let me refer to Amendment 1 in the constitution: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press…) . She’s just not my Swiftie anymore. She’s like one more of the bunch, and I hate her becoming that. I used to love her songs and want to sing them outloud in the car, now I just want to skip everything related to her, because it’s like she’s not HER anymore. I’m so sorry, Taylor I love you, but…stop. Please. No. The style, the hair, the clothes, the boyfriend, the music now-adays…IT DOESN’T FIT YOU! NO!!

  • selenalatina

    I can definitely see where you’re coming from. I had these same thoughts like a month ago, but then I had to look at who I was in 09 versus now and I’m completely different too. So with that said we have to understand that Taylor is growing up, she’s trying put different looks and opening herself up to different things just like we are.

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    I think dfdgdgd is totally great

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    who doesn’t stands up for cancer?? just saying..

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    You can blame her changing on selling her soul to Hollywood.

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    wow i love those, good job! cool cool i love those, good job!

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    aww sweet