Harry Styles Manhattan Beach Meeting


From Nicole: I met Harry Styles in Manhattan Beach, California today sitting next to him at a resturaunt. He was watching the Packers game and wasn’t allowed to take pictures with us but he is a photo that I took on my phone of him!

  • Anonymous

    Excuse u this is not “nicole” , the girl in the pic is Daniella and she was the only one that had the chance to meet harry. This girl “Nicole” is using a picture that is not hers and by the way it wasnt allowed to use phones so stfu

  • Anonymous

    he was so nice!!!! and cute obviously :)


  • kristin6410

    I thought harry had really bad pimples but his face seems fine…. he looks cute but not hot or sexyy

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  • Anonymous

    omg what a cute i love all of 1d 2 death and their manegment needs to suck it they never let any of tehre fans hug or take pics but the boys always dont listen and chat and hug and kiss there fans and that y there my idols

  • TheStraightShooter

    I do not understand not being “allowed” to take pictures. All these bodyguards annoy me, someone would get clocked standing that close to me.

  • Anonymous

    He looks so cute in that pic !!!