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        these girls make me laugh. They are simply pathetic with no talent and i can’t wait for their 15 minutes of fame to end. it can’t come soon enough. and perrie is the worst of the bunch. keep clinging to your boyfriend girl, because that is the only fame you and your group will have.

      5. Anonymous

        Have you heard them live? Or acoustic? They definitely have talent:)

      6. Anonymous

        I love them!!! they are filming their second music video on wednesday!! hopefully they release it soon :)

      7. Anonymous

        who cares what these girls do? they are not going to be around much longer. the only reason they are around now is because the blond bimbo is dating someone uber famous. whore much?

      8. Anonymous

        How does dating someone make her a whore? I knew about them before Perrie started dating Zayn, but I’ll admit a lot of people found out about them because of it. I really dont get why it matters though. Obviously there are fans of 1D who don’t like them, so it’s not like all the directioners are only become fans because of Zayn. They become fans because they like little mix. It doesn’t matter how they found out about them.

      9. Anonymous

        Well I supported Little Mix when they were on X Factor and after they became then 1st group to win the show, they became the new nations sweethearts. Some people like in America, may only know them because of 1D but even when Little Mix were on X Factor they gained a huge following, including UK celebs like JLS.

        I think if Perrie wasn’t dating Zayn, then Little Mix single would’ve still gone to no.1. Quite frankly, most of the average people in the UK don’t make a huge deal about 1D but love Little Mix.

      10. Anonymous

        I agree I think Little Mix would still be doing well even without One Directions help. I think they just bring something really new to the music industry

      11. Anonymous

        SO THEIR NEXT SINGLE IS CALLED DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh I’m so excited!!! they think it is going to be released in october:)

      12. Anonymous

        can someone like figure out what perrie’s phone screen says? its obviously a text convo hahaha

      13. Anonymous

        That was so sweet of jade to take her boyfriend to Paris!!!! Awwww jam is adorable :)

      14. Anonymous

        Take a chill pill dude. Just because she is smiling at the camera doesn’t mean she is an attention whore. If anything she’s just being nice. Plus their fans were lined up too, so she could have been saying hi. There are videos of all the girls taking pics and saying hi to their fans after this.

        Little mix are sweet girls and don’t deserve all the hate they get. Seriously deal with whatever problems you have withyourself, and don’t take it out on someone else just because it’s anonymous online. It’s pathetic

      15. Anonymous

        oh look it’s the whores again. and what is with the fake surprise look on perrie’s face? please bitch you are waiting on the photographers to take pictures of you. nothing but a no talent famewhore – all of them.

      16. Anonymous

        have to laugh-they aren’t #1 on the singles chart now…


        actually they did! but that was little mix 1 year anniversary

      17. Anonymous

        have to laugh-they aren’t #1 on the singles chart now…

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      19. Anonymous

        Keep posting about them OU!! I think they are great and really unique

      20. Anonymous

        these girls suck. please stop posting about them OU

      21. Anonymous

        have to laugh-they aren’t #1 on the singles chart now…


        actually they did! but that was little mix 1 year anniversary


        ummm – they aren’t number one on the singles chart – neyo is….

      22. Anonymous

        I think they meant little mix did reach number 1. I think that’s really impressive! When was the last time a girl group was number 1?

      23. Anonymous

        they looks good for once lol

      24. Anonymous

        Perrie’s haircut is AMAZING!!!

      25. Anonymous

        the girl with black hair, and her hair is pinned up, wtf is she wearing?