Delta Holding Her Baby After A Long Day


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  • Anonymous

    Yes, I do care about her… And no, she wasn’t with Nick to get any attention, she was already famous. If you don’t know please don’t talk.

  • Anonymous

    why do you keep posting delta stuff if you know she was only with nick to get attention? she’s getting the attention now.. does anyone care about her?

  • Anonymous

    comment on this post..

  • Still Anonymous

    You know you’ve given up on love when you start buying cats and calling them “baby.” I’ve never seen a real live “cat lady,” before lol. I actually want to give Delta a hug.

  • xAskTaylorx

    She looks sooo good for 47! =D

  • Anonymous

    oh suuuree! I’m sure you’re right! she never meant to get any attention. Please!

  • Anonymous

    why do you keep posting delta stuff if you know she was only with nick to get attention? she’s getting the attention now.. does anyone care about her?

    Definitely no one cares about this woman fake.

  • Anonymous

    Delta & Nick part 2 coming soon