Emma Watson arriving at the Crosby Hotel New York City. WENN.

+ Logan Lerman and interviews!

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  • BrokenArrow

    she’s so perfect

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful and classy. Heh, heh!

  • Anonymous

    she has wonderful legs !!

  • Anonymous

    She is so classy. Love her!

  • Anonymous

    She has a baby face. Well, at least that means she will age really well!!

  • Anonymous

    she does not have a baby face. she just wears minimal makeup compared to everyone else. have you not seen her fashion magazine pics where she goes heavy on the eyes? certainly not a childish look. the thing is, some other people do that look ALL THE TIME, so of course they’ll look older. this girl is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!! Emma’s gorgeous from head to toe and she’s very talented! I think a lot of people on this site might not appreciate just how amazing she is, because they seem too young (you know, freaking out over cheesy pop stars like Demi and Miley). But Emma’s a class act, a level above that. Or a few levels :P And she looks young, but doesn’t have a baby face. Which is the best!

  • Bridgetxo

    I love Emma she’s really sweet and down to earth,and a great actress.I’m sure this movie is going to do well.Atleast i hope so.Logan looks so handsome! wow :D