Ex-Girlfriend ‘I Don’t Ever Speak With Zayn’


Zayn Malik’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Ferguson told The Metro about Zayn Malik: ‘I don’t ever, ever speak to him. I have maintained friends with some exes, it just depends on the person. I never felt the need to continue with his friendship.

I’m not dating, I get so distracted. I’m just one of those girls that fall in love and I fall hard and it really just distracts me. I finally got to that point where I’m like ‘No, boys can wait, I’ve got too much to do right now’.’

Zayn Malik is looking for a new house and was apparently forced to pull out of the deal on the £2.2m London house at the last minute. Source told THE SUN: ‘Zayn originally said he wanted the property and he and the owners were due to exchange contracts. But at the last minute his people notified the home’s owners that he didn’t want it any more.

The owner hit the roof as he’d packed up the house and was due to move out of London to a new house in Hertfordshire where his son was going to school. But it looks like they will now lose that house because of this. They are all fuming. Now that Zayn isn’t going to be moving in, the current owners hope the fans will move on.’