Cara Delevingne On Harry Styles Rumor

Model Cara Delevingne gets defensive on Harry Styles dating rumor.

  • Anonymous

    comment on this post..

  • Anonymous

    She is so georgeous! if they are dating that is so cute, they make a really beautiful couple <3

  • bleach

    cara is flawless and should date ME
    not harry

  • Anonymous

    if she wasn’t dating him. wouldn’t she just say no i’m not? like what the fuck? or it’s publicity, so if she’s like denying it like that, rumors will start.

  • Tami

    she is ugly

  • BrokenArrow

    Honestly, she’s gorgeous and maybe they dont want to confirm it cause it’s not a serius relationship or they dont want to talk about their private life.
    They dont have to confirm it tho.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so stupid. As soon as they say, I like to keep my private life private, you know it’s true or at least to some extent.
    She should’ve just denied it, even if it was true, if she really wanted to get people to stop hassling her about Harry.

  • Anonymous

    She seems kind of bitchy!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they’re dating.

  • SubwayToVenus

    Omfg but they are not dating, Cara is in the same group of friends as Harry, everyone needs to realize Harry likes dick.

  • Anonymous

    The dude likes the things in his closet, iykwim.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously their dating. No deny, just assume they are. And she got all defensive.

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