Joe Jonas, ‘New York Girls Are Driven’


Joe Jonas Grungy Gentleman interview. Who are your favorite designers and what do you enjoy about menswear? I think menswear is more about picking pieces than wearing necessarily one brand repetitively. Wearing a variety of lines makes fashion fun. You get to express yourself through clothing; it is individual and expressive. I am a big fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs and have been following Simon Spurr’s career as a fan and friend. The new line he works on with Tommy (Hilfiger) is really cool.

What sports do you like and who are your teams? I am a New York Giants fan at heart. I grew up next to the stadium and went to plenty of games. It was a big part of my childhood. For college football, I love the Texas Longhorns. Been to a lot of those game as well, they are super-fun. For NBA, I root for the Knicks and Lakers. Whenever I am in town, I try to get to some games.

Speaking of your busy schedule, where do you go to get away? I think being at home is really nice. I went to Thailand recently. It was the most relaxing, quiet trip I have ever been on. It’s crazy there, but it was a lot of fun. Would go again for sure. What is the difference between girls in New York and Los Angeles?

I find that girls’ attitudes from New York are so driven. You never know what type of girl you are going to meet in New York. They might even work on Wall Street. It is one of the most bizarre, yet cool situations ever. I am not throwing LA girls under the bus, but you can tell which ones that are driven, from those who are not. New York girls have a bit of a chip on their shoulder that is different.

Are there any charities that you are involved in? I have a great relationship with the Special Olympics. We do a bunch of 5k fun-runs, which raise money and awareness for them. Also work in Africa with my brothers at AIDS orphanages.

What is next for the Jonas Brothers and yourself? We are doing another album together, so we’re going to continue to create and work on music. We are doing a show at Radio City Music Hall, which we are excited about. Right now, that is what I have been focused on. It is essential to get our music to where it needs to be, before I can move my attention to focus on to different projects. But there are a few that I am excited about.

Any last thoughts to leave your fans with? For me, I just get excited about the music. I am so excited for them to hear this new stuff. I think it’s the best tracks we have ever released and looking forward to the show on October, 11th. And let’s go Giants. Let’s go Giants.