The X Factor Australia Boyband Faceoff

FIRST is What About Tonight, SECOND is The Collective’.

  • Jinxx.

    coming from an Australian who DOES watch X factor, I can guarantee you that The Collective are 10x better. I hope they make it far/are well looked after when the competitions done, because they have the potential to be pretty big IMO.

  • Anonymous

    honestly . i dont watch x factor. i am from australia… ive never seen these guys and well frankly they sound good but … they look too much like one direction… i dunno maybe its just me and alot of boy bands do that. its just all to farmiliar.

    they sound good though

  • Ditecedge

    Fajna strona allegro

  • Anonymous

    bye bye ocean up bye bye bye

  • Anonymous

    Where is the “None, boy bands should’ve died 10 years ago” option?