Emma Watson Confused By Olive Garden

Emma Watson told MTV: ‘The Olive Garden. I was very confused about the Olive GardenI did not know. I had no idea if it was a restaurant or what.’ Logan: ‘It was like a secret garden, full of olives! It’s the Olive Garden. Yeah, you must seek it, you must go to the center of the world. Oils of olives and all the olives we know, they come from there.’

Emma, ‘All right, I’m going to stop you right there. We very much had to ask these guys [Miller and Lerman], and they thought it was hilarious, because I’m so naive about these things. They still haven’t told me. These guys had had their own personal experiences, they [grew up here], and I arrived in my panicky way, kind of stressed out, and these guys had to tell me, ‘It’s OK, Emma, it’s going to be fine.”

  • Anonymous

    Haha rememeber en MTV did a American accent test for the HP cast and they told them to say ‘The Olive Garden.’ It was hilarious because they all anunciated the R sound. They’d be like, ‘The Olive GaRRRRRRden.’

  • bleach

    they’re all perfect

  • Anonymous

    the red pants guy is so annoying!!!

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