One Direction Best International Artist!

One Direction won Best International Artist at Brazilian MTV Video Music Awards in Sao Paulo. Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia, 37, has caught his Harry Styles’ eye, reports The Mirror. Harry flirted with Natalie at James Corden’s wedding in Somerset last weekend. They ‘spent a lively night together, chatting and giggling’, before apparently staying over at the hotel and arriving to eat breakfast at the same time the following morning.

As Styles made his entrance with Natalie, his friends are said to have cheered, leaving the 18-year old heartthrob embarrassed: ‘Everyone was talking about how Harry was really smitten with Natalie. They got on like a house on fire and were clearly very into each other. The next morning Harry was given a grilling by the other guests. He was overheard telling one that he thinks Natalie is an amazing woman.’

When asked about her rumoured night with Harry, Natalie declined to comment, but did tell the publication: ‘Why are you asking me? Go ask him.’ Styles people avoided the question. 1D performed a cover of Imbruglia’s biggest hit Torn at their iTunes Festival gig at the Roundhouse last night.

Harry revealed that he’s worried how One Direction’s second album ‘Take Me Home’ will go down: ‘Yeah I think we are worried that it’s going to be game over. Everyone’s said that second albums are the hardest, so before we started recording we were a bit nervous. But I think we had a little bit more experience this time, we had a bit more input and I think we’ve got better songs this time so the album should be better.

Niall on the new album: ‘ As we said before anyone heard the song, it’s not a million miles away from the first album songs. Just a little bit more of a live sounding album. The drums are a bit harder.. The thing is to try and out do the first one, personally I think we’ve done that at the moment.’