Selena Gomez & Beiby Slip Out The Back


@ Hotel Transylvania premiere.

JELENA were also spotted @ Knott’s Scary Farm last night!

+ Selena looks very sexy in CHI magazine w/ Spring Breakers cast.


  • Anonymous

    a long tour broke up Katy Perry and Russel too. just saying

  • Anonymous

    i wish selena would stop making that stupid face like no it’s not “sexy” or “cute”

  • Anonymous

    I wish haters would stop being jealous.^^

  • justthat

    Jelena 4ever<3 wish them the best!

  • Anonymous

    CHI is an Italian magazine.. btw, it’s only me who ships Lolena?? Logan Lerman + Selena?

  • Anonymous

    LOL Selena is sexy sice she was born so… duh

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    I’m not a fan of either but a lot of bieber fans have been nothing but dick heads to selena through out the duration of their relationship and for what ?

    They are young and naive and cant help be jealous. They really believe they have a chance with Justin.

  • john

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  • Anonymous

    I have anything against Selena. Just being realistic. One a year tour broke up Seal and Heidi, who had a happy marriage and a bunch of kids. Why do you think Jelena would survive to a two years tour?

    Im not saying they will last or not last through this tour! But they made it through his last tour, I mean, Selena is rich enough to fly wherever she wants to go and see him on his tour, thats what she did on his last tour! But she is also busy with her movies and i guess a new album coming out, so its unsure if they can make it through this one or not! Depends just how much they love eachother, i guess!!

  • Still Anonymous

    Selena’s getting curvessssss :)… or she’s just really good at sticking her butt out, but I think it’s the former lol. <3

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Still Anonymous said:

    Selena’s getting curvessssss Smile… or she’s just really good at sticking her butt out, but I think it’s the former lol. <3

    It’s the latter, you can tell by the way she’s posing. An arched back makes your butt looks bigger.

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  • Anonymous

    No, Justin is used to slipping in the back.

    EWWWWW, latina whore :Sp

  • Anonymous

    ‘m not a fan of either but a lot of bieber fans have been nothing but dick heads to selena through out the duration of their relationship and for what ?
    Um selena’s fans arent innocent either..beliebers just voice their opinion more and their more plentiful. Selena’s fans say justin is too young, hes not a real man etc. plus if your a girl who has a reputation for dating guys who are in the prime of their fame….why wouldnt their fans be mad/skeptical?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    for the love of god all you jelous biebtards need to build a bridge and get over it. Justin will NEVER love you so stop hating Selena for that.



  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    ou, i see you left out the caption the person who instagramed them left, which was

    “Saw Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at knotts scary farm.. I gotta say, they’re relationship looks fake ass fuck, or else Selena is just clingy”

    which is what i have BEEN saying lol. selena always does thee MOST when they are in public together. why is that, you ask? a) gotta get that attention, b) gotta seem “in love”

    just like when she visited him on the boyfriend set:

  • Anonymous

    notice, justin repeatedly shrugging her off of him, and her clinging on for dear life.


  • Anonymous

    They are young and naive and cant help be jealous. They really believe they have a chance with Justin.

    just because you don’t have a chance, doesn’t mean i don’t lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Soooo, just wondering if Bieber and Selena managed to “talk” to the cops about that pappazi assault yet. If he’s leaving for two years, you would think that, but no news about it. Must’ve been a publicity stunt, just like when Miley assaulted that guy at the nightclub defending the pussy, hemsworth.

  • Anonymous

    sureeeeeeee Selena> crazed, jealous fan. Bet Justin’s stuck for choice here

  • Anonymous

    Sep 23, 2012 @ 01:29 pm
    Anonymous said:

    for the love of god all you jelous biebtards need to build a bridge and get over it. Justin will NEVER love you so stop hating Selena for that.

    I have anything against Selena. Just being realistic. One a year tour broke up Seal and Heidi, who had a happy marriage and a bunch of kids. Why do you think Jelena would survive to a two years tour? ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of either but a lot of bieber fans have been nothing but dick heads to selena through out the duration of their relationship and for what ?

  • Anonymous

    selena is sexy? since when?

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  • Anonymous

    When was thee a rumor that they broke up? lol

  • SlimShady

    ‘Selena looks very sexy-‘ and legit, I knew OU was trolling again.

  • Anonymous

    Justin leaves in three days for tour.
    Nobody looks good on that Spring Breakers pic, but Selena looks worst.

  • Anonymous

    for the love of god all you jelous biebtards need to build a bridge and get over it. Justin will NEVER love you so stop hating Selena for that.

  • Anonymous

    But it is cute that they went to knott’s berry farm. They went say goodbye to the place where everything started. ;)

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  • TheStraightShooter

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