Harry Styles, ‘I French Kissed At Age 11′

Harry Styles told TWIST: ‘Do you want to know about my first kiss? I must have been about nince or ten years old. It was just a peck, but the girl was really tall and I was really short. I had to get a brick, put it up against the wall and stand on it to give her a kiss, because I couldn’t reach her face. And it’s really funny now, looking back on it! My worst kiss, was when I was eleven. It was a really bad kiss, too much tongue!

Harry also revealed: ‘I liked math from an early age because we got to use bricks and cubes and it was quite fun, but as I got older I found it harder. And then I got much more into English. I could produce really good pieces of writing and I felt really proud when I got an A for my first ever essay.

But then I’d get so easily distracted that I started spending more and more time chatting to mates in class or daydreaming, so I never got up to that standard again! I got a bit cheekier as time went on and when I was about eight or nine I started testing boundaries. I’d often try to get one over on the teachers. I also got much more interested in girls. Then I didn’t like school, I wasn’t really interested!