Miley So Undercover Limited Release


So Undercover released Oct. 5, 2012 in the USA, according to IMDB.

Thx @EvelynEpstein!

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  • Anonymous

    This is when she looked best body wise. Skinny, but still the little curves. Now she’s kind of looking like a stick just like the rest of hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    so undercover probably wasnt/isnt being promoted because miley doesnt have the time and it probably had a really bad prescreening like lol. so because of that they dont expect it to do well even with promotion.

  • Anonymous

    Buckle down — her career is about to skyrocket once again :)

    About the sex tape comment — why don’t you ask Angus T. Judd he’s been doing it for 10yrs.

  • BrokenArrow

    I think Miley doesnt even want to promote these movies. When lol was out she only mentioned like once..

  • Anonymous

    I meant Angus T. Jones.

  • Anonymous

    Word is So Undercover not being released the U.S.

  • HottyGirls

    hey whats up man?

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  • Anonymous

    Nice try, oceanup, you’re a bigger troll than I am. Heh, heh.

  • Anonymous


  • sexonfire11

    cant wait for that movie <3

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Her body was perfect here.

  • Anonymous69

    So when that happened with her lasy movie it still made its budget becasue of all the fan in amercan who purchased it and the euopenas who saw it and made it box office numer one, so miley can clear make its budget if released in theaters with proper promotion,
    i dont get it, direct to dvd movies are for shit acotrs lol should have been in theater, actress like demi and shley green made it worthwhile seeing in addtion to miely, why dont people believe in her

  • Anonymous


    She still has a body :)

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I can´t hahahahaha poor irrelevant attention whore! shes really so fucking over! her career is literally in the toilet…. hahahahahahahahaha this is so funny! hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    ewww her fatty face! ewwww

  • Anonymous

    shes a huge flope! miley failure cyrus hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    she body was amazing before she lost all this weight …

  • Anonymous

    i’d really like to know where you can buy such a top cause i love that one lol
    all i have to say to this

  • kristin6410

    I agree with janealynn these could actually bring in money she has a lot of fans still .. i wanted to see this hopefully it will play by me and not a places that are basically abandoned

  • kristin6410

    Mileys body was peffin this picture i wish it was still like this

  • Anonymous

    Because Miley hated the movie and wants it to be released straight to dvd to avoid critics. Trust me, it’s even worse than Adam Sandler’s movies. She’s doing the right thing.

  • kristin6410

    Mileys movies dnt suck

    I like adam sandler movies why dnt u guys ?

  • HoftAvoitty

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  • Anonymous

    Where did it say that Miley hated the movie?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    Word is So Undercover not being released the U.S.


    Hmmm, let’s just see…

    Last and only Miley tour after leaving Disney cancelled in US and Europe due to lack of interest by the public.

    LOL limited release in US after almost 2 years on the shelf, then straight to DVD soon after that.

    So Undercover not even released in the US after 18 months on shelf.

    Sounds like her music and movie career is skyrocketing.

    She blew it. She has the talent, but her skanky behavior pissed off most of her fans. When’s the sex tape coming out?

  • Anonymous

    Can Two and half men be considered a sex tape?

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  • oceanUP

    don’t be mean claudia!

  • Anonymous

    That’s not surprising at all.

  • JaneaLynn

    I’m not a big Miley fan, but why aren’t they promoting her movies more?? She has a huge fan base and the storyline for So Undercover actually sounded pretty good, I bet if they marketed it, it would be somewhat of a hit. But instead, this movie and her last movie are being given “limited releases”, and of course, nobody goes to see them because nobody knows where they are or what they’re about! I think they’re ripping her off a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    She sucks at acting so whatever … She’s good at singing so she better stick to that :D

  • Anonymous

    Omgggg whyyyy :( first lol and now this my friends and I were really excited to go and watch it !

  • Anonymous

    SHES A JOKE! they probably had hope for her but then she started acting like shes too good and too bad ass so then they kicked her ass to limited release lol dumb bitch

  • Anonymous

    its so awkward watching her trying to act. she should’ve stuck with Hanna Montana if she wanted to act i mean same hillbilly girl

  • Anonymous

    “The photo though… Back when she had a body” xD

  • Anonymous

    She looks like the ogre played by Cameron Diaz in Shrek, but kudos on the bod.