How Zayn Malik Was Injured At Bieber’s


Bieby told Key 103: ‘He was actually at my house and we were skateboarding, in LA. We were skateboarding and Alfredo and him were at my house before I got there and they were skateboarding and he rolled his ankle or something like that on the half pipe. I felt bad.’

+ Bieby looking hot rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars!

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    i hope Zayn does not turn into a JB, he’s such a douche…

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  • Anonymous

    “i Love the fox and the hound”

    are you tod?

  • Anonymous

    leave justin shakur alone he looks cute

  • TheStraightShooter

    He cannot pull off the backwards bandana. 1) Because he is an underdeveloped scrawny white boy and 2) you need a shaved head to pull it off. He looks more like a rockabilly girl with his hair sticking out everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    shade? not with that icon sis

  • oceanUP

    very attractive

  • Anonymous

    lil twist is going on tour…

    *begrudgingly follows lil twist on twitter*

  • Anonymous

    I still say we should have sent that bieber douchebag to Mars instead.

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    Rough anal sex, I suppose?

  • SlimShady

    Oh God, don’t let them lay eggs

  • Anonymous

    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

  • Anonymous

    his mom’s really cute and i have a great deal of respect for her for putting her story out there and she really is an amazing person and mother.

    i just wish everyone would either say what they really mean when they go “he needs to pull up his pants”, or say nothing at all.

    “justin, you are a clean cut caucasian young man. you should not be partaking in a clothing trend so closely associated with the african american community.” just say it lol

    because i personally cant see the difference between sagging your pants, and showing clevage. or wearing a tight shirt with a gut. or wear booty shorts so short the bottom of your ass is LITERALLY hanging out. *cough cough*

    all of the above are offensive to someone. but, for whatever reason, it seems to be only the fashion statement popularized by young BLACK men that gets demonized and carries the brunt of public criticism. EVERYbody has something to say about sagging pants. “we dont wanna see your underpants!!!!” hey, at least there is actually still FABRIC sheilding his ass from your sight. when YOU hang your big ass boobs all the way out your shirts, we ALL have to see it. at all times. when, a man sags his pants, you don’t see his behind 90% of the time, and even when you do, you don’t see skin.


    if you think the EFFECT of having sagging pants LOOKS stupid, thats your opinion, number 1, and number 2, YOUR OPINION is no justification for you TELLING someone else to do with their own body and their own clothes. i can’t DEMAND that all white girls stop putting that crunchy gel shit in their hair and scrunching it up to make it look wet or whatever, just because i am personally appalled at the sight, but it’s okay for a bunch of old white people to start petitions for the city council to fine young men who are wearing their pants unacceptably low? GTFO.

    basically what i’m trying to say is… DO YOU JUSTIN. if you keep sagging your pants until you’re 30, imma stan you 5000%. and if you decide to pull them up tomorrow, i will still ride or die. people who criticize something like sagging need to think twice, because i have a feeling they aren’t ready to examine and own what they are saying without actually saying.

    everytime i see his underwear, it just makes me smile