Selena Gomez Jimmy Kimmel Live 9/27 Hotel Transylvania Review ROUNDUP!

Review: Hotel Transylvania is a sweet, good-natured howl for the whole family.

Review: This is an inoffensive piece of fluff that’s obviously geared towards the same crowd that made DESPICABLE ME, and THE LORAX hits. And on that level, I’m sure kids will eat this up, as the TIFF Kids screening I was at went over like a house on fire.

Review: Computer is animation lively, with some inventive touches and a constantly moving camera view to highlight the 3-D effects. Review: The film is good goofy fun, even as the plot uncorks a whole lotta nothing. More HERE, HERE

Selena revealed Justin Bieber doesn’t go out in disguise as he doesn’t want to hide his ‘swag': ‘No, you can’t, not with him. He likes to look cool. No defeating the swag.” Jimmy also revealed to Selena that she and Justin are one of the top Halloween costume choices for couples. Selena: ‘That’s pretty rad, I love that. That’s cool, they probably look better than we do anyway.’

Fame doesn’t affect what they do: ‘We don’t look at it like that. We do our own thing. We go have fun.. I love my family. I don’t know, I’m not ready yet. I turned 20 but I love being at home, I feel safe and it’s nice.’