1D Hire Michael Jackson Bodyguard + Niall

One Direction have hired the bodyguard who tried to save Michael Jackson on the day he died. Alberto Alvarez, 36, worked for Michael and was present at Jackson’s rented Los Angeles home on the morning of his death.

He told The People newspaper: ‘I’m really excited. They’re a great group of young men and they have great talent. I am proud to work for them. Working for the boys has pulled me through a ­terrible time. It really helped me cope with what happened three years ago when Michael died. I’ve been through the mill but I am coming out the other side..

The events of three years ago are less heavy on my mind. They won’t ever go away but I do feel better. I started working as a bodyguard again last year. And working for One Direction, the biggest boyband in the world, is so exciting. I did some work for them in California last year and they liked me.’

TV Guide scans HERE! More interviews under!

  • Anonymous

    Might as well call out the coroners today. Oh, lordy!

  • inetterom

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