Harry Styles ‘Could Learn From 50 Shades’

Harry Styles has been picking up tips in the bedroom department from Fifty Shades of Grey. A female friend ‘forced’ him to read it. He told The Sun: ‘It seems interesting. I could probably learn from it, I don’t know. I feel like it’s an educational and interesting read.

I like having fun but it’s nice to just wake up in your own bed isn’t it? I think I’ve got my head screwed on. I do have a lot of fun but I’m not half as busy as I’m made out to be, that’s for sure. I’m doing stuff that every other 18-year-old lad is going but it gets written about.’

He can’t think about life post-One Direction because he sees his bandmates Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson as his ‘brothers. Naturally I wonder how long it will last. But we get on so well I can’t see us having a massive bust-up or anything like that.’

Louis Tomlinson Celebuzz interview: ‘I will definitely defend our image. Obviously, I won’t stand for people saying things or writing things that aren’t true. I just think that’s disrespectful.’

Do you feel like “Live While We’re Young” is a continuation of the songs on Up All Night? Yeah, I don’t think that it is that different. It has a few differences, but most of all it’s pretty similar. I think musically, the drums are heavier and there’s more guitar, which I quite like. But it sounds like something that could have been on Up All Night. We didn’t want to turn people off.

Would you say that Take Me Home is a more mature album? I think it’s a bit more mature, for sure. Obviously, there aren’t that many big changes, but I do think it’s just a better album. It does sound a bit more mature. We want the album to grow with us. We’re a year older, so our music sounds a bit older, I suppose.

Do you have a favorite track on the album? I’m not sure if it’s my favorite, but the most personal one, the one we wrote the majority of the lyrics for, is a song called “Back for You.” It’s all about being away on tour and missing our girlfriends.

Have many of the tracks on album did you co-write? We’ve written five on the album, which we’re very happy with. We always want to push for as much writing as possible because we want it to sound as real and as genuine as possible. It’s really important for us to be part of that writing process. We hope to do more with every album.

There are two songs on the album penned by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. What can you tell us about those tracks? Those two are great. I absolutely love both of them. I don’t think I could chose one over the other. Ed is an amazing lyricist, and we’re very lucky to get the chance to work with him because he’s blowing up right now in America as well.