‘Harry Styles Is A Bonking Machine’


Britain’s Labour Party leader Ed Miliband said that after seeing a calendar One Direction on the wall of his secretary, he pointed to band member Harry Styles, 18, and casually remarked: ‘This guy’s a bonking machine.’

According to The Sun, the Harry’s North London neighbors believe Dick Turpin’s ghost has been seen inside the £3 million property which backs onto the pub that the outlaw and his mates used to drink at.

‘The ghost of Turpin has been spotted in the window and according to legend you can hear the sounds of his horse Bess’s hooves. Locals say he used to hide in the courtyard next to the pub waiting for his victims to come down the road before robbing them.’

Louis told Fabulous when asked whether he’s thankful that Harry’s antics take the heat off him and the others: ‘I don’t know about thankful. I feel sorry for him sometimes. I mean it can be quite intense but he knows when he’s going out to these places that sometimes these kinds of things happen. And yeah, it’s easier for the rest of us.’

The Wanted on comparison: ‘I think there’ll always be that comparison with ‘This person said this, and this person from that band..’. There was that with N*Sync and The Backstreet Boys, and we just take the banter on the chin.’ Would they be bigger without 1D? Tom Parker: ‘It is true, it is true! It’s spot on. We probably would be bigger if it wasn’t for them, but it’s fine.’

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