Taylor Swift To Perform @ MTV EMA 2012


‘I’ve always wanted to go to the EMA, because you hear about the spectacle of it, and how everyone just goes all out for their performances. To be nominated for five EMAs was the most exciting feeling, and I was absolutely blown away. I can’t wait to be there this year and perform on the show!’ The 2012 MTV EMA will air in the US on Sunday, November 11, at 11 PM ET/PT on MTV2. Supermodel Heidi Klum will host. Taylor made $57 million this year!

On being named by Forbes magazines as the highest paid celebrity under 30 in the US ‘Yes, I heard about that and I think I called my dad and said, ‘How did that happen?” I just wake up every day and go about my life and do what’s on the schedule. I don’t think in terms of how much money it’s making. I just knew the crowds were getting bigger and the shows were selling out faster. For something like that to come out is certainly unexpected and nice

On her parents being the opposite of classic showbiz parents: ‘My parents were thrown into this, they never had any desire for me to do music. But now my dad tells me what to invest in and what not to, and my mum has a great marketing mind, she always has a good gut instinct on things.’

On her love life and songwriting: Does she issue a warning at the beginning of a relationship, something like: just beware that if you rainbows me off, it will be used in a song against you? ‘Ha! Well.. it’s not like it’s in fine print, but music is absolutely everything that I am and everything that I stand for.’

+ Great Nightline interview and Capricho scans. Via TaylorSwiftWeb.

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  • Anonymous

    Love her, she is so honest and real. She aint trying to be anyone else and I admire that. No need to be nasty and post bitchy comments!!

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  • Anonymous

    why so much hate!!!!!! taylor is amazing always will be… she looks absolutely stunning in those photos she should do her make up and hair like that for her performance !!! ill forever be a tswizzle fan!!!! and RED sounds amazing!!! shes still got some of the old her in her.

    honestly ppl confuse me ppl were complaining shes doin the same thing alll the time… but once she brings out something different its all like OH MY GOD SHES CHANGED i like the old music… cant please every one god.!!! if its good music shut up and listen to it if you dont like it … go find something else honestly.

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  • Anonymous

    This bitch needs to stop being all over dicks and men and taste a bit of real life and problems. Not all the life it’s about shitty failed relationships.

  • SlimShady

    I realize she likes writing about how boys weren’t stalking her like she thinks she deserves, but its fairly obvious she’s a hypocrite. In interviews she acts like her exs were all jerks, ex. John Mayer, Joe Jonas, but I don’t recall them carrying on and on about her. Which is probably her problem. Hmm, and I wonder how Camille Belle felt having you call her a slut, practically letting all your fans know its okay to bully someone. I realize you want to write about love, but do it classy. Music is not about bullying people and airing dirty laundry.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I don’t believe for a second that her parents aren’t typical stage parents and didn’t want her pursuing music. Her mom drove her around Nashville as a kid handing out demos and they moved the entire family down there once she hit high school for the sole purpose of grooming her to be a famous musician. That’s not what typical parents do.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    Ha! I don’t believe for a second that her parents aren’t typical stage parents and didn’t want her pursuing music. Her mom drove her around Nashville as a kid handing out demos and they moved the entire family down there once she hit high school for the sole purpose of grooming her to be a famous musician. That’s not what typical parents do.

    Her mom is a stagemom. Agree.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t have sympathy for guys who date Taylor swift and get a song written about them. First of all, she has always remained truthful to herself and has made it very clear that she writes about love and relationships amongst other things from the begining. Guys can’t act even more surprised when they treat her like crap, and for the songs to reflect that. Like duh, what did you expect. Also, for every not so nice song about a relationship highlighting the immediate pain and hurt of that relationship ending, there is always a beautiful song written afterwards reflecting on the good times and pointing out the nice things about that person. Like she is kind of putting the hurt in the past and remembering the good times. Joe said he loved Last Kiss, Taylor Lautner liked Back to december and so on. I respect her for not putting up with crap from her exes and btw Demi has dated 1 less guy that I know of than Taylor and she is 3 years younger!!!! They are young, its normal to date

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was Demi Lovato for a second.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I agree about her songs all being the same and about her parents probably being stage parents. But she’s a gorgeous girl, no wonder boys are going crazy for her despite the songs she writes about them haha.

  • Anonymous

    NO! She looks nothing like Demi. It’s just cause for some freaking reason Demi got the same hairstyle. But I think Taylor is way more beautiful. Demi’s pretty too, but that’s just my opinion.