Harry Styles £100 On Rihanna Work Of Art


Harry Styles purchase a £100,000 work of art depicting Rihanna and Kate Moss by urban artists Banksy and Bambi. Art trader Lenny Villa told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ‘We’ve had a call from a dealer who says Harry is looking for investment art, but modern and funky.

We’re sending him Bambi’s painting of Rihanna and a Banksy print of Kate Moss. Harry knows Robbie Williams and Brad Pitt both own a Bambi.’ Harry is saving money by visiting cheap furniture store Ikea for his four-bedroom house, despite friends advising him to hire an interior designer to work on the abode.

A source told The People newspaper: ‘His friend Nick Grimshaw keeps telling him that he should treat himself after spending so much on a house, but he keeps saying he’s a teenager so why does he need to spend all of that money.

He’s happy with the bargain furniture and furnishings. When he’s older he might think about ding it properly but he can’t see the point. Harry is touring a lot so he won’t even be there that much.’