Taylor Swift Walgreens Merchandise Line


Walgreens has launch ‘Taylor Swift Store at Walgreens’ offering a wide array of products from six time Grammy winner Taylor Swift’s merchandise line. Walgreens and select Duane Reade locations will provide a comprehensive, in-store selection of Taylor Swift music and merchandise. The items will be available for purchase chain wide beginning the week of Oct. 8.

The Taylor Swift branded merchandise will incorporate artwork from her soon to be released album, ‘Red.’ Additionally, fans can be among the first to purchase the highly-anticipated new CD at any 24-hour Walgreens or select Duane Reade locations beginning at 12:01 AM on Oct. 22.

Taylor: ‘I look forward to sharing my music and merchandise with my fans, and making it easier for them to pick up their favorite items when visiting Walgreens or Duane Reade stores.’ The Taylor Swift merchandise includes t-shirts, bracelets, backpacks, tour books, posters, journals, notebooks, calendars, and iPhone and iPad accessories among other items.

Select merchandise will also be available through Walgreens.com and the Walgreens mobile app. Customers can also benefit from a limited time (Oct. 22-24) QuickPrints promotion, which provides a 50 percent discount on photo printing purchases when using the code SWIFTPRINT at check out.

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    ^oh please she has written every song on every album, plays guitar and piano and wins stacks of awards!!! stop being such a hater cuz at the end of the day she is still gonna be dominating the music scene and earning her millions whilst ur here being bitter and pathetic