Jedward LUMINOUS Music Video

  • Dominika VEGAN London

    absolutely love the LUMINOUS video!!
    team JEDWARD xx

  • Anonymous

    Love that it’s so different to all the stuff being released in the music industry nowadays. It’s so cool and out of this world. Amazingggg

  • Ally

    I love both the song and video. They’ve taken a lot of time getting the sound and visual right. I hope its a success for them and people actually listen it to without dismissing it, just because it’s Jedward.

  • McM

    John and Edward (JEDWARD) are so amazing and the video to Luminous is brilliant! Everyone share and like it and check our Jedward’s videos on youtube JEDWARDTV

  • Anonymous

    This is such a great song, and now with such an amazing music video i really hope it charts in loads of countries, and im sure it will :)

  • Anonymous

    This video is so unique from many of your typical pop videos seen on music channels and the song is a really good mood lifter!!

  • Mousnego
  • TekElete

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  • Anonymous

    This video is really really and the song is a great track.Jedward have come far + i hope this makes number 1 coz it deserves 2

  • RipliewS
  • Edz

    I really think the video concept was great before i thought since its Luminous there’s should be like bright light all over but its the opposite this looks like an interpretative video not the typical video when you see the obvious

  • Charlotte

    I really like it! They look good like that and the song is actually great

  • Anonymous


  • Helena

    Absolutely amazing!! :D

  • Sandra

    This song is SO good! And the video is really special and I watched it loads of times already <3

  • Juliet

    An amazing video for a great song I love it, they look and sound great

  • Sushi

    I’m absolutely speechless. The Video is GREAT! I like it a LOT and the song stuck in my head all day long

  • Anonymous

    this is amazing :O very unexpected

  • Ilona

    This is an amaZing song and a really cool video! I bet people will be surprised that this is JEDWARD! ;-)
    Please give them a chance! They’re so lovely, funny, talented and really hard-working lads, they tots deserve it!!! =:) xxx

  • WannabeSushi

    Those twins always come up with such great and creative videos and their songs are really catchy <3