Nick Grimshaw Wearing Harry Styles Coat


BFFs Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw spotted wearing the same TOPMAN coat! Harry revealed to TOP OF THE POPS: ‘I’ve never lied about having a girlfriend. I think if you lie, people just want to prove you wrong, so you might as well tell the truth. Why let someone else kind of get the dirt..

..when you can just be honest about it anyway? Sometimes things really affect us. I wouldn’t say I cry a lot, though. It depends on what’s happened. We’re all just normal teenage boys. We have feelings and we go through things too.’

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    I do find it weird how they have the same jacket. I really think this is one of those things to continually publicize a One Directioner so they remain relevant. The only time people had the same coat was in 1999 with Abercrombie and Fitch and later Hollister.

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  • Anonymous

    but maybe they have similiar taste though?

  • Anonymous

    or maybe he just borrowed it from harry cause they’re best friends…? xD