Will ‘Harry Styles Wants A Relationship’


Harry Styles friend former White Eskimo bandmate Will Sweeny told The Mirror: ‘I do know Harry’s looking for a relationship, he’s told me that. He’s always out mixing with celebrities and going to all these parties with different girls, but it’s lonely for him and not what he wants.

That’s just not really the kind of guy he is. He’s very sentimental and emotional and he always goes the extra mile for any girlfriend he has. When he goes to these parties with these girls they’re just there for the night and you have fun and a good time but that’s the end of it. He wants a relationship much more than parties and stuff.’

He didn’t ever go for looks, it was always about a girl’s personality. He talked about how a girl seemed like a nice person, not what her body was like. It’s what’s inside the person that matters to Harry.’