‘Nick Jonas Is Wise Beyond His Years’


JONAS UPDATE: Pix of Jonas Brothers going to MANILA HERE!

Jonas PHILSTAR interview. Anna Maria Perez De Tagle: ‘Joe is charismatic. He really likes to make people laugh. He’s always constantly joking and is definitely the life of the party. Kevin is very approachable. He’s easy to talk to. He’s also very much family-oriented. He’s a responsible and caring person.

He looks out for his friends, parents, siblings and his lovely wife Danielle. Nick is the serious one but he can be funny at times. He’s very reserved. He’s intelligent, smart and wise beyond his years. He’s multi-talented.’

Touted as the ‘perfect role models’ when the Jonas brothers were teenagers, they allegedly wore ‘chastity rings’ and vowed to stay ‘pure and clean’ until they got married. It’s only Kevin who has gotten married to Danielle Deleasa, 25, who ‘a former hairdresser’ from Denville, New Jersey.

Nick is a Type 2 diabetic (he has had it since he was a kid and is insulin- dependent) and he’s the spokesperson for a diabetes-awareness group. Joe is among the newest addition to Bench’s roster of big-name

international image models (including, among others, Liam Hensworth, Michael Trevino of Vampire Diaries, Korean superstar Lee Min Ho, American Idol graduate Jessica Sanchez and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine) and was here recently for his Bench launch.

(To Nick and Joe) What type of girls do you go for? Nick: I think that we’re looking for someone who could have an honest relationship which is as honest as can be. Joe: Somebody who can get along well with me and who can do fun things with me. (To Kevin) How is your marriage so far?

I understand that you are happily married. Kevin: Yes, I am. I’ve never been happier. Getting married is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the girl that is perfect for me.

Inquirer: The requested items are contained in the provisions of the Jonas Brothers’ performance contract, sent by its management to concert promoters handling the group’s seven-city Asian and European tour that kicks off in Manila. Kevin, Joe and Nick Also on the long list of perks that the group wants in their dressing room are:

21 bottles of iced and room-temperature drinking water, specified as ‘Smart Water, no Fji or Evian;’ six bottles of 5-hour Energy, an imported drink containing caffeine similar to local brands Red Bull and Cobra; six bottles of G2 Gatorade (assorted flavors); Three packs of Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips; six small cans of pineapple juice;

six small bottles of apple juice; two bags of raw, unsalted almonds; two bags of sesame honey almonds; one tray of fruits (with apples, bananas) with dip; and one box of fruit snacks.

What can you say about Anna Maria?

Nick: We’ve known Anna Maria for a while and we are very pleased with her. You’re right, she’s the sister that we never had. When I was in New York doing How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, I got to spend time with her because she was doing a Broadway show here as well. So we had a really nice time.

Joe: She’s been a long-time friend of ours and she has traveled with us to different places. She’s a lot of fun.

Kevin: I’m very excited to do a concert with her in Manila. It will be as fun as our show during the your. I can hardly wait to be there.

(To Joe) You were in Manila as Bench endorser a few weeks ago. What have you told Kevin and Nick about your visit?

Joe: I had fun shopping while I was in Manila and I’ve told Kevin and Nick about it. I’ve learned about the history of the Philippines and it’s remarkable, especially the things that Manila has done over the past 100 years. During the Bench pictorial, we went on a really rocking tour. We rode on a bicycle cab (tricycle) and it was amazing!

What has Anna Maria told you about the Philippines?

Nick: She told us that we should expect great things. She said that the people are amazing and very welcoming and loving. We’re just really looking forward to going there.

How different are you from each other?

Nick: I think that the way we are most different from each other is that we all have different roles when it comes to what we do in the band. As brothers, we have a very distinct relationship and it’s important that we know how to work with each other.

Kevin: Nick is right. We do have individual roles in the band but we do enjoy spending time with each other and creating music together. We are brothers but we are three different people who just happen to be in a band together.

Do you differ in preference for music? Do you always agree or sometimes disagree on the type of songs that you perform in your shows and in your albums?

Nick: I think that we always have to work together to come up with a set of songs. We have done about six albums at this point. Picking the songs is hard and we do sometimes disagree but the bottom line is that once we complete the repertoire, we are all happy singing together.

You are such wholesome brothers, looked up to as role models. Are you aware of that great responsibility not only to your fans but to (especially) young people around the world?

Nick: I think that, you know, we just try to live our lives as best as we can. We don’t try to put up appearances.

Anything that you want to say about your forthcoming concert?

Joe: See all of you!

Would you have time to relax after the concerts and maybe see more of the Philippines?

Kevin: We will. We have a bit of time between the shows so we’ll have some time to enjoy. You know, we’ve been traveling so much that we actually have gotten really good at seeing a lot in a short amount of time.

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    … which makes him wise beyond his years.

  • Anonymous

    LOL celebrities can be sort of diva-like without trying to, especially when it comes to everything they need in their dressing rooms and how specific they get.

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    ‘Nick Jonas Is Wise Beyond His Years’
    i know

    he is fuckin sexy man

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    multi talented, hot, wise, smart, intelligent, the perfect man Nick Jonas, the best for sure

  • Anonymous

    Hollywood life is such a horrible source, I swear most of it’s fan fiction tbh. Of course their going to say Liam is upset and blah blah

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  • Sicawape
  • Anonymous

    …Nick is Type 1 though

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    Um, HUGE errors all over in this interview or article. I’m assuming it was lost in translation. Nick is a Type 1 diabetic, not Type 2. There is a big difference

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    You can see nicks tattoo in the candids.

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    Joe looks hot.

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    “she’s the sister that we never had” It’s funny how you can put this same sentence in one of their interviews a couple of years ago, but with the difference they dind’t talk about Anna Maria PdT, but Demi.

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    Um, Nick Jonas is a Type 1 Diabetic. Not 2!

    and you call yourself a blogger, oceanup. come on!

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    This interview by Anna Maria Perez De Tagle?
    She must be going to the Phillipines also. That’s all I’m saying.

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    Gosh, Nick suffers diabetes TYPE 1…please get the facts right.

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    Yeah he has type 1, which is kind of important considering they are 2 completely different things.

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    poor nick he can’t find an honest girl

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    lol yeah srsly oceanup…theres a difference.

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    Um, yea Nick has Type 1 diabetes. Get the facts straight.

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    everytime Joe aswered, the word “fun” was on his sentences. lol

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    wait im pretty sure danielle is not an only child.

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    she has two sisters and a brother

  • oceanUP

    wait im pretty sure danielle is not an only child.

    edited it, does she still do hair??

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    Nick is a type 1 diabetic not 2.

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    Guys, heard the new one. That supposedly Liam Hemsworth is NOT happy with the new song and that Miley thinks its a sweet song BUT its not about her? What do you guys think?


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