Demi Lovato Britney Spears Collaboration?

Demi Lovato dished to PopSugar: ‘When I first came into it I was so nervous and then I looked over and she was too. So we kind of just had a moment where we were like, ‘I’ve got your back’. We’ve got each other.’ On collaborating with the her fellow judges? ‘I would be so excited to. There hasn’t been any talks now but I keep putting it out there in the universe so that hopefully one day it’ll happen.’

  • hybriree
  • PypeNaky
  • Rowskalk

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  • Anonymous

    aww I love their relationship! That would be a weird collab though haha
    Britney is the best :)

  • Max

    I think both of them would be singing a heartfelt ballad together. Demi could write the song.

  • Anonymous

    both fat fucks united

  • oceanUP

    can’t believe simon asked miley to be a judge!

  • Anonymous

    Not a big Demi fan, but I love Britney. That Gif is funny.

  • Anonymous

    britney, please, no!

  • Anonymous

    ………no britney. no one cares about demi unless shes talking about her “problems” i would love to see a taylor and britney collab since shes crossing over :)

  • Anonymous

    wow u guys r mean. at least demi is a talented singer, brit not so much. & a taylor/britney collab? sounds like a trainwreck.