Tish Cyrus blog: WOW.. What a long day this has been! Noah had to be at the horse show this morning at 7am and we just got back to our hotel! I am exhausted to say the least! She started the morning at 7am to walk her course on foot. Then straight into the ring for a warm up round! Her warm up round was absolutely amazing!

I wish that would have been the real deal because we would have been done by 830 am instead of 830 pm! hahahaha Anyway, 2 hours later, it was time for the Medal Final that we actually came here for. This is a class you had to qualify for through out the course of this last year. There were 13 entries, 10 horses and 3 ponies all competing against each other!

Noah and Comet were amazing! She couldn’t have ridden better. So, in a Medal Final they take the top 4 highest scoring riders and take them back into the ring for whats called a Work Off. Noah and Comet scored high enough to make it into that final challenge. Noah was the only pony rider to make it into the work off! All in all, she placed 4th out of the 13 riders! So proud of her! Well, off to bed for another full day at the show tomorrow! Night.. Tish

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    I did horse riding for 10 years :) I should start doing it again tho, I stopped last year while my horse was on the mountain and never got back into it…

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    I wish they’d have more respect for Miley and at least put some clothes on her while she’s being ridden. Nyuk, nyuk!

  • SlimShady

    Why, do people ride you naked as well? Oh, you’re probably a rent-a-horse right? Ynuk ynuk ynuk

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    I’ve always wanted to ride a horse but i’m such a coward :P.

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    She placed 4th at a small open show. I’d hardly call her an “equestrian superstar,” Ocean Up.