X Factor USA Final 16 + Demi We Day


Britney: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller. LA: David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stephens, Vino Allan. Demi: Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones, Paige Thomas, CeCe Frey. Simon: Lyric145, Emblem3, TBA, TBA.

Who do YOU want to win?

Demi Lovato WE Day details: ‘She’s going to be singing a song. She will also be sharing a message about bullying and her own struggle with depression and self-confidence. With the Amanda Todd tragedy, we see it as a timely message to be shared.’

Final reveal of Judges’ Homes will air in entirety Tuesday at 8/7c.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit it broke my heart when she said your going home..
    it have to be cece.. have to be

  • Anonymous

    Cece Frey is a good singer but her personality is not deserving it. i sure hope America’s voters see this and she doesnt make it far. I dont like her personality and i believe to be famous you should have good personality. we have plenty of famous people that dont deserve the riches and fame, Plz dont add another America. if Cece Frey makes top 10 b4 getting cut will even be a shame.

  • Anonymous

    Jillian wasn’t strong enough to make it further. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I do think Paige should’ve been sent home though, because she screams. Not a good singer. Jillian is better in that sense.

    And about this who Demi consistently talking about her experiences, you guys don’t understand how good it is that she’s doing that. I have a story to share, and if I were famous, I’d also want to share it, not for myself, but for awareness. For other people. It would be easy to tell if Demi were being conceited.

  • Anonymous

    i really sad that Jillian got kicked off but i really want diamond or Carly or David to win cause they can sing :) happy with the people who made it :)

  • Anonymous

    im happy Jillian was sent home because she couldnt sing for shit! she sounded like she had shit stuck up her throat! and just cuz she was bullied for the most stupid reason she can sing? wtf. y’all are fuckng fucktards. GOOD JOB DEMI!

  • Seductive Samantha

    I’m pissed that Jillian didn’t make it! She was much better than CeCe!

  • Jb fan

    So TIRED of hearing about Demi’s story.She’s not the ONLY one who has had this happen to them,and i’m sorry it happened to her (it happened to me too,even worse than bullying),but geez,enough now

  • Anonymous

    Wait i thought Cece is also out?

  • DMJ

    no cece made it through but jillan didnt …i wish jillan made it instead of cece ..they said they wanted the whole package and jillan has it not cece ..cece is OVER confident she thinks SHE IS THE BEST SINGER EVER ..which is not carly who is younger than her is even better her ..and its unlikbable even demi told her ..did she listen ? yes but she still made it seductive ..she doenst have personality in my opjion

  • Anonymous

    i really wish demi sent paige home instead. cece’s performance was actually really good despite how you may feel about her personality.

  • Anonymous

    paige is just really forgettable

  • taylorsromeo


  • Anonymous

    Jillian was the best in the competition. Her voice had so much emotion you could feel it. I liked Demi up until now… why Jillian though? I agree, it was good the rapper went, but Willie should have, too. Jillian would have lasted in the live shows.

  • GastGync

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  • Anonymous

    I’m here to defend Cece. I love her confidence and style. You guys have to understand that the show was edited to create dramatic television. I’m always engaged watching CeCe perform and her rendition of Sexy and I know It was amazing.

    I really liked Jillian. I think Demi should’ve gotten rid of Paige instead. She reminds me too much of Rihanna and I don’t even like Rihanna.

  • Anonymous

    The Xfactor isn’t just about singing capability. You also have to have the look and attitude pretty shallow but its true.

  • Anonymous

    i tottally agree with the last part u said i think paige should have left , i dont like cece but shes a good singer paige needs to go somewhere ,we dont need another rihana

  • Anonymous

    Cece kind of grew on me, I was sad when Jillian didn’t make it, but I think Willie should have been the one to go.

  • Justin Bieber must die!

    The 4 girls should’ve stayed and the 2 guys should’ve left. Willie didn’t deserve to be in Demi’s top 4.

  • Fiona

    I disagre with some ppl, i think willie deserves to be there and im glad the rapper got sent home cause he was annoying and wouldn’t survive in this comp. but i know cece and paige BOTH had to go through cause of the competition FOX has made between the two for ratings. I just wish jillian could’ve made it.

    I hear there may be a wild card and that someone who was elimiated would be brought back for live shows but thats just something i heard. If its true, i hope they bring back jillian!

  • EarthChild

    I really like Arin Ray, Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones, Tate Stevens, and Vino. I like LYLAS just because Camila Cabello got put into it and I was in the audience when she auditioned and she is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I am so sick of hearing about the “The Amanda Todd tragedy.” People are bullied and commit suicide everyday, but because they weren’t popular and didn’t flash themselves online at age 12, it goes unnoticed. It’s a sad world we live in.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe it either! She was an amazing Singer! Her performances were so full of emotion its sad.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe Jillian Jensen got kicked off the show. She was way better then some of the ones that got though. She was a roll model. If she can do it so can we

  • EarthChild

    I can’t believe Jillian Jensen got kicked off the show. She was way better then some of the ones that got though. She was a roll model. If she can do it so can we

    I can believe it. Jillian had a really good voice but she doesn’t really have star quality in my opinion. If she didn’t have a story behind her she probably wouldn’t have made it that far. I’m not being insensitive when I say that because I really feel for her struggles, I’m just being honest.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, I think the show should be based on talent not on who can make the audience cry more or who has a tougher backstory. We all have struggles. The point is to grow from them.

  • Anonymous

    So angry that she didn’t pick Jillian. Ugh Demi, Cece Frey wasn’t even good last week -_-

  • Anonymous

    oceanup: she will also be sharing a message about and her own struggle with depression and self-confidence

    oh man!! Lovato talk again about this bullying?

    im tired!

  • Anonymousjen

    Cool demi

  • allice

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  • ceeeral

    Jillian Jensen should have gone through.. not Cece

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