• WhafesaW

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  • Anonymous

    I love Victoria’s voice in this! I can’t wait for her solo album!

  • Daniela

    Victoria’s voice is outstanding, and her charisma towards the audience is great! She’s got it all beauty and talent

  • Terrance

    Victoria is an amazing singer and the best part is she sounds almost better live then recorded

  • Anonymous

    Vic is amazing can’t wait for her solo album

  • Denny

    I think this song is nice and Victoria sounds amazing let’s just change it to LA girls lol

  • Sparks

    I thought Ariana was really good live but she’s not that good in concert. Her voice is so much autotuned.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song! Vic’s voice sounds so good in it ! Definitely buying this on iTunes when it comes out !

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth did they cancel this show.