oceanUP Free For All Fan Art Reminder


FIRST EVER oceanUP FREE FOR ALL Fan Art Contest 2012 has begun. This contest is a beautiful and time-honored tradition dedicated to devoted FAN ART creators on Photobucket, Flickr, Tumblr & Twitter.

The theme is ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE, you just need to put ‘oceanUP’ or ‘oceanUP.com’ somewhere in the FAN ART. IMPORTANT NEW FOR 2012: There will be a separate FREE FOR ALL .GIF Contest in addition to Fan Art Contest. There will be 10 finalists and one winner.

RULES: No MORE than 2 ‘Fan Art’ plus 2 ‘.GIF’ entries per person. Try to sbumit you entry between 400 & 800 pixels in width. It must be PG-13 rated. No full on nudity. Limited vulgar language. Include the word ‘oceanUP’ or ‘oceanUP.com’.

Entries must be submitted to [email protected] gmail.com by Oct. 25. Voting will go up when the preliminary ‘Top 40′ are picked. Prizes: The TOP 3 will receive Amazon Gift Card, 1st prize: $50, 2nd prize $20 & 3rd prize $20. .GIF winner $25 Gift Card. Scroll here HERE for past examples or Search ‘oceanUP FAN ART’ :]

Good luck! <3