Chris Brown Seeing Rihanna & Karreuche


The love triangle between Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran continues. It would appear that Tran and Chris Brown are still seeing each other even after all of the drama surrounding Brown and Rihanna’s rekindled ‘friendship.’

On October 22 Tran and Brown left his house together but took separate cars. Brown’s bodyguard paid for Tran’s gas before they drove to the studio in Burbank, CA. Photos: FameFlynet.

Do YOU think it’s okay for Chris to be with two women at the same time??

  • Anonymous

    I don’t wanna be mean but tbh Karreuche looks like a cheap Rihanna copy…

  • NotSoAnonymous

    So what I want to know is why does oceanup keep posting about him. Hes not a teen/tween star and nor do you posst about any other young black celbreties. You dont give a fuck you just wanna set up mini camp for ignorant unforgiving white girls a place to forever bash and ridicule him. You guys make me sick….. or should I say sicker

  • Anonymous

    she looks so much more beautiful than rihanna. but she should eat more, look at her legs :/ and the way she dresses makes her seem very unhappy

  • Anonymous

    I can’t with ANY of the people involved in this foolishness. ^^^^ and person above I’m black, and I still think this situation is dumb as hell.

  • Anonymous

    So Chris Brown got two hoes on his dick

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it. Karruche bashes him on twitter on a daily basis lol she probably just went to go and get her stuff. but i feel for him. him and rihanna is like romeo and juliet. they are forbidden to be together or everyone will go crazy. and karruche is the 1st girl who he feel in love with after the incident….there is no win for anyone

  • Anonymous
  • TheStraightShooter

    Who cares? Hopefully they all murder each other so we can stop reading about these morons.