Justin Bieber Meets Girls Battling Cancer


  • Anonymous

    I think he proved multiple times that he is a douche. not even talking about that video, and I do hate his music BUT I love that he goes and visits sick children. it’s a great thing to do.

  • You Were Thinking It

    I wonder if he slapped her on the back of the head too. That’s his thing now, right?

  • Anonymous

    poor girls

    lately come out bieber with lots of pictures of girls with cancer !

    it’s a shame he wants to recover his “fame” in this way

    one direction and union j this hard nipping feet of bieber

  • Lily

    Oceanup dislikes Justin and were the only website to report about that old video. I’ve watched the video a lot of times and I didn’t see him hit anybody. People just want to find an excuse to hate Justin and I’m not gonna lie, I was like that last year but came to realise that he’s just a young man living his dream. I like how he cares about his fans as well. Hope the little girl gets well soon

  • Anonymous

    And before anyone says anything, There was no reporters or media there, all these pictures were taken by her family! The reason i make this point, cause people automatically assume its a photo op and hes only doing this to get media attention! But im so glad he got to meet Hailey, cause we weren’t sure it was going to happen, because there was a lockdown at the childrens hospital where Hailey was staying because of the shooter on the loose in Wisconsin, but i guess she was still able to go see him!

    And put down his music all u want, but he is the most caring person when it comes to doing things like this, at least he doesnt need to get paid first to go see sick kids like some musical artists i know

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice that he’s out visiting sick kids in the hospital, but does he think this is gonna make up for the fact that he’s a complete douche to everyone? I mean seriously…you’re gonna slap a grown man like you’re some little princess, but then you’ll go visit sick kids. Really?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s hilarious how a sweet article about Justin gets 8 comments but a rude, untrue articles can get over 500. What a sad world we live in that all people care about is tearing down someone who they’re jealous of..

  • Anonymous

    I mean seriously…you’re gonna slap a grown man like you’re some little princess, but then you’ll go visit sick kids. Really?

    You actually believe that he hit that security guard?? HAHA. Don’t you find it a little strange that Oceanup is the only one that came out with that phony shit? I watched the video about 20 times, and he didnt hit anybody, he was swatting the air, and i even watched other videos from other shows, and he does the same exact thing! And why isnt anybody from the concert that was around the security guard saying anything? They are just saying how much they loved the concert, no mention of any incidents at all, and their are grown ass females(parents) all around.. But whatever, if you already held a hatred or a low standard for him, you will believe anything thats put up, i guess

  • Anonymous

    omg justin is sos weet i love him with all my hearta nd i will never forget that he inspires me. hes an amazing sweet caring person, he loves his fans and haters need 2 get a life there just jealous of him