Kristen & Rob Promote Breaking Dawn P2


Kristen Stewart arriving at Narita International Airport Tokyo, Japan. Rob the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. Photos: WENN, INF.


  • I’ll support Rob

    I don’t know why but she is horrible n I hate her for what
    She has done to a guy who is so kind actually
    KINDEST in the whole world I mean I would might
    Not forgive some one the way he has he loves her
    He hadn’t made any mistake as she had for
    More than like three times so I will always be there
    To help him though he doesn’t even know if I EXIST …!!
    Pity on me….lv Rob

  • Natasha

    I told you those prints, material and colours were in fashion you dumbasses. Haha, once again. The Jonas bros do it 1st and get dissed. Now when everyone else also follows the trend. People either love it or say nothing bad. Typical. Anyway, all you people who talk rubbish, please learn something about fashion and trends before you talk. Its evident Rob has taken note. Looking good.

  • Bazinga

    Kristen Stewart and Bieber should get together. They both have no personality, words struggle to come out of their mouth(but she’s actually thinking as opposed to his empty space), their talent is far less than their success and they both dress horribly and seem to actually be pleased with what they have on. Oh and he likes to grab. Evident she likes to be man handled. I think we have a WINNER. Only problem is. She likes old men and he likes girls who are actually pretty =/ but not prettier than him okay, he might throw a hissy fit haha!

  • Anonymous

    Get back to earth sweetheart Kristen is a beautiful smart adorable young woman! What she did was stupid and she apologized, she is 22 she is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them but the thing is i don’t care about her personnel life because it’s none of my business….she is a very interesting girl the way she talks the way she acts I love her and I love how unique and different she is than the other celebrities and I KNOW she is not THE BEST actress in the world but she will get there she is good enough!!

    Kristen and Justin???? Seriously you are weird!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rob looks so good with a beard