Niall Horan Pursuing 31 Year Old Woman


Niall Horan has been pursuing 31-year-old Irish model and presenter Glenda Gilson, reports HEAT. When she asked him about hooking up with any girls the night before, he replied: ‘No, I didn’t. You didn’t show up!’ The night she was referring to Horan had been out with his mates and texting Glenda trying to get her to come out. Glenda, who is ‘madly in love’ with her boyfriend:

‘He’d been wanting me to go out, but I didn’t, as I don’t want to be the new Caroline Flack and be hated by every woman in the world. I refused to be that one.’ Source: ‘He has the hots for her. He’d been having a few drinks with the band and, as the drinks flowed, he seemed increasingly determined to get Glenda out with him and his friends, but she was asleep at home!’

Niall: ‘Yes, I had been trying to get hold of Glenda during the night, but she couldn’t come out in the end. It’s fine though, we’re good friends. We have a great craic together.’

  • Anonymous

    dude. I really doubt this. Nialler is so asexual and “pure”

  • Anonymous

    pure? Yea right. none of the 1d boys are pure or anywhere close.

  • JesusBale

    I love Glenda :D She’s too good for him! Niall would be a serious downgrade from Brian <3

  • Anonymous

    pure? Yea right. none of the 1d boys are pure or anywhere close.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know what’s up with these older ladies as of lately, I get dating someone younger, but there should be some kind eof “cut off” point jeez. I like niall and everything but c’mon.

  • SlimShady


  • Fiona

    i literally almost bust out laughing in history today.
    I not gonna lie, if Zac Efron asked me out today, i’d say yes. but i feel like every guy in this band likes older women, like really old women. And the worst part is that these older women feel the same way..

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