Ashley Benson Hides After Franco Fiasco


Ashley Benson who is rumored to be dating actor James Franco seen hiding her face from photographers while leaving with a male friend from the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. This weekend Ash was pictured snuggling up with James Franco while in line at Universal Studios theme park. PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Ryan Good who’s with her, part of Justin Bieber’s crew and her boyfriend.

  • Nina

    that’s not a ‘male friend’ it’s her boyfriend ryan good.

  • Anonymous

    The “male friend” is her boyfriend Ryan Good.

  • Anonymous

    Franco fucked em all and ofcourse he should and could. Hes fucking perfect…ugggh!!!

  • oceanUP

    franco probably hooked up with all of the spring breakers ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahah

  • Sami

    She’s with Ryan Good in the picture.