‘Harry Styles Had Long Term Girlfriends’


Sugarscape interviewed Harry Styles ex-bandmate Will Sweeny. You and Harry seem to have had quite the bromance back in the day, but he’s recently been in the public eye with that Louis Tomlinson or Nick Grimshaw having bromantic times. Are you well jealous? Oh I’ve heard about Nick Grimshaw taking Harry out places.

Is the green-eyed monster coming out? Oh definitely not. I’m really happy that he became really good friends with people. When you’re away from home it’s gonna be stressful, and you’re gonna need people around you who you can have a good time with and who are sound lads. If he was always calling me or his mate Jonny, it would be bad because we’re not there. So it’s good for him to have people to talk to.

Oh Will, you really love him don’t you? Hahaha. It would be good if Nick Grimshaw called me up and then we could go out as the three of us. How did you feel about Harry dating Caroline Flack? Um, that was strange. I just thought, I’m not gonna say anything, I’m just gonna leave this one. She’s fit though. Yeah.. but I thought I’m gonna leave this. At the same time it was a bit of a boys’ reaction, like ‘Good on ya Styles!’

It’s just Harry’s girlfriend, so it doesn’t matter what age she is. As long as he’s happy and doing his thing then that’s all that matters. I didn’t ever meet her. I don’t really watch that much television so I didn’t really know who she was before Harry. She was just Harry’s girlfriend.

Was Harry always a womanizer? Haha, no. He is being made out to be one, and I think it’s difficult the more famous you get But when he was at school he had girlfriends, but the girlfriends were long term, for like a year, year and a half. He was dead caring to his girlfriends too, he’d never cheat or mess them around. The womanising thing.. Yeah, he can get women, but he’s not a womaniser.

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    When I saw the pics, I thought this was a Niall lookalike or something lol

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    pretty sure the guy in the picture isn’t will sweeny :L …